My Farewell--Thanks for the Connection

Thursday, December 3, 2009 by Jen · 8 comments
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I have decided that I am not going to post on Cents in the Cities anymore. For those of you who have enjoyed what I've talked about here, thanks for stopping by. I have loved our conversations.

If you've been reading over the past few months, you know that my posting has NOT been consistent. I really do enjoy the outlet that blogging can be--it's a great opportunity for expression--one I have cherished.

But right now--with a sad but firm heart--I am deciding NOT to post and focus on some other things in my life that I really want to address--good things--things that will help me live the life I need to live and lead my family in the best possible ways.

I'll still be here though.

I will still be reading all of those great money saving and frugal family blogs out there--leaving a comment here and there if a post speaks to me.

I'll still be trying my best to save at the grocery store in whatever way possible in order to stick to my budget.

I will still be doing the work to become debt free in order to plan for our family's future.

I will still be reducing my household waste, one decision at a time--doing my part to save the Earth.

I will still be trying to live simply, love deeply, and focus on THE most important things in life. The simple things. And loving life in the process.

Thanks again for making a connection with me here.

Until we meet again my friends. . . .


8 comments to "My Farewell--Thanks for the Connection"
  1. We all need to do what is best for our families. I'm sure I'll "see" you from time to time on the HCW Cub and Rainbow forums.

    allgirls aka Anita

  2. I'm sorry you're hanging it up, but I completely understand - you have to do what's best for you and your family!

    Best wishes to you in the future, and if you ever want to guest post for me, I'd love to have you!

  3. Totally understandable. Thanks so very much for your time and organization. It was always helpful to me. I'm sure many of us will miss you.

    Thanks again.

  4. Jen,
    I'm bummed that I won't be able to check in on you any longer. I have enjoyed your posts and the chance meeting we had at Rainbow. May our paths cross again!

  5. I've enjoyed your blog, too, but totally understand your decision to hang it up. See you soon!

  6. I completely understand where you are coming from but I'll miss reading here! :)

  7. I understand your decision! Blogging is practically a full time job in ways! I wish you the best with your family and life!

  8. I got your email... I'm sorry to hear that you'll be off line for awhile, but it sounds like you are making a good decision for your family. I hope to keep in touch!

    Merry Christmas -- and enjoy that beautiful family!!

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