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I'm really not a mall shopper--I'm just not a fan of malls--probably because I don't want to leave my money there.

And even though the Mall of America (MOA) is about 20 minutes from my home, I rarely go there. All of that commercialism in once place--glaring at you from every corner--it kind of shocks me. I'm just not used to it.

So this past Tuesday before Thanksgiving when the kids were off from school, we decided to go to Nickelodeon Universe--and, surprising to me, we really had a blast! The kids had been asking to go for a long time, Since we didn't have much of a vacation this summer, and since my husband had to work on Thanksgiving, we decided to use some of our Christmas money to go for a "family day."

Thanks to Pocket Your Dollars, we were able to get all-day wristbands for only $20 each, and I always feel better when I can get a deal! So the entire family rode the rides. Since we had our babe (who is now four months old), it's harder for me to do things with the older kids. So my husband and I took turns staying with the baby--and I actually got to ride the rides with my kids. I LOVED the anticipation as we went up the roller coaster hills, and I LOVED screaming as we went down--so fun to be silly with my kids.

I was glad there were a few roller coasters that didn't go upside down--perfect for me and still very fun! Because we went on Tuesday when many kids were still in school, we hardly had to wait to get on a ride, and many times we could ride over and over again. We ate a packed picnic lunch but ate our dinner in the food court. We actually spent NINE hours there--I can't believe we made it that long!

It was much more fun than I thought it would be--mainly because we were all able to participate. When we first arrived, we ran into the Santa Claus station--with no line. My kids have never talked to Santa at the mall before, so were able to do that too and take a quick snapshot. Another pleasant surprise was that the people working at the park were really friendly and helpful--something very refreshing to me.

Overall it was a great family fun day! We might make this a family Thanksgiving tradition! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week!


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