Last Week's Grocery "Cents" -- What I Learned

Monday, November 9, 2009 by Jen · 2 comments
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I didn't post a lot last week--the week just got away from me. I was focusing on my new laundry system, which really isn't that complicated. I got all the laundry done, but everything else kind of suffered. This week, I'm going to try to accomplish more than just one job a week. Sounds easy, but in my world can be a challenge. With a plan, I have the power to make it happen!

Here is the main thing I learned from my grocery shopping last week:

Waiting to shop is not always the best strategy!

I had planned to do an unadvertised deal at Cub last week, but by Thursday, the deal had prematurely ended, so I missed it! I also didn't do my shopping until Friday (usually I shop on Tues or Wed), and this put me in "stress mode." I needed to do all my shopping. In one day. With two kids in tow. While getting ready to entertain some friends.

The only reason I stayed within my budget was because I didn't make it to Aldi--where I was planning to do the bulk of my shopping (because I missed the deal).

This Week's Strategy: Get the menus planned (two weeks worth) and finish shopping earlier in the week.

This will allow me to do some needed baking. Rainbow Foods also has a deal going where you buy 10 items and get $5 back. Looks like some good products, so I'm going to try to do two grocery orders there.

I have $59 to spend at the grocery store and $20 for household items. I'll let you know how it all works out! Hope your grocery shopping is successful this week! Do you have a plan to stick to your budget?


2 comments to "Last Week's Grocery "Cents" -- What I Learned"
  1. I love your blog! I'm going to link back to CITC on my own blog, since you are so great at keeping up with all the deals & tips. Keep up the wonderful work.
    ~Sandi (another MN chick)
    P.S. - Turkeys are 39 cents/lb this week at Cub :)

  2. We cut our budget a bit again this week. I'm down to $50 a week for groceries, and $30 for personal/household. Usually I blow through that very quickly-but I'm about done with my shopping and still have $20 in grocery and $25 in personal! Target just doesn't have the good deals this week like it usually does, so I haven't bought much. Thankfully we have a huge stockpile! :) I'm going to stick the extra money in our "Christmas fund" I think.

    So strategy to stay on I really should have one!!

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