Grocery Strategy This Week--Roll the Deal on a Budget

Thursday, November 5, 2009 by Jen · 2 comments
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Whew! Where does the week go! Payday for us was Tuesday this week, and usually I have all my grocery money spent by Tuesday (or Wed morning at the latest). This week, I haven't even got my cash yet (we use an envelope system). So it's already Thursday, and I still have $60 burning a whole in my pocket (or envelope)--I love starting the week over with "fresh" money in my grocery envelope. Anyway, here is my "stay in budget" grocery strategy this week: ROLL the DEAL. Read Entire Post for my "budget stick to it" details:

My good couponing friend (thanks Rayanne) reminded me that there is a great deal at Cub this week--not advertised in their flyer but Karen, at Minnesota Coupon Adventure gives all of the details (also find the details at the A Full Cup Cub Forum).

Basically you have to spend $30 on the products on the Cub flyer back page, but you get your OOP (out of pocket) as low as you can go by using manufacturer coupons. Then you will get $15 in coupons back to use on your next order (Catalinas). And you can go back and do the same deal over again, using those $15 in coupons, and you will get $15 MORE in coupons. When all is said and done, you still have $15 in coupons to apply to the groceries you REALLY need.

These are my favorite deals to do at Cub, because you can get SO MUCH FOOD for very little! It's a great chance to stockpile. The problem with doing this deal on a tight budget is that I can't spend all my money on it--I have to buy the healthy food my family needs. So my plan:

1. I'm giving myself a "Roll the Deal" budget of only $20-25 -- THAT'S IT!

2. Meat and Dairy -- I'm going to buy the $.99 chicken this week (limit 2, so will probably go back a few times. I'm going to buy 85% ground beef at Rainbow, and I'm going to buy cheese at either Cub or Target (can't remember which is cheaper) using my recent cheese coupons. My meat budget this week is $12, and my dairy budget this week is around $10.

3. Fruits and Veggies--I'm going to try to leave $20 to buy fresh. Also Target has frozen veggies for $.89 cents, so will try to stock up.

And then I think my $60 will be GONE! I hope to let you know soon how it goes. The best laid plans. . . .


2 comments to "Grocery Strategy This Week--Roll the Deal on a Budget"
  1. you go girl!

  2. I just got back from my weekly shopping. It is hard. We have a $30 deal similar to yours that I used plus $10 off a $50 order plus $5 off from the Entertainment book. That store (Shop N Save) I did fairly well (saved 54%) and have the $15 to use next time. But since I purchased ground beef and chicken (both at great prices), I still went over a little. But, I got alot of food. Keep us up to date

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