Apple Pancakes and Baked Apples

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Fall is my favorite season, and it wouldn't be the same without apples cooking in our house. Since it's still fall for a few more weeks here in Minnesota, I thought I'd share a few of our family's favorite apple recipes.

Apple Pancakes
Apple Pancakes are a family favorite--any time of year. It's a perfect way to use up "2nd pick" apples (or the apples your neighbor gives you off the tree), and it makes for an extra special breakfast treat. Here's the recipe we use--enjoy!

Amazing Baked Apples
I found the recipe for Amazing Baked Apples in one of my favorite cookbooks--Cheap, Fast, Good! It is so easy and makes for a great sweet treat!

1/ cup walnut pieces
4 medium size tart apples
6 tablespoons lightly packed brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
4 teaspoons butter, cut into 4 pieces. (I've substituted oil before)

1. Spread nuts out on plate and microwave, uncovered 1 to 3 minutes, stirring half way through. Set aside.

2. Core the apples all the way through (do NOT peel them). Place apples in glass pie plate.

3. Microwave apples, uncovered, on high power for 6 minutes to partially cook them.

4. Finely chop nuts and set aside. Place brown sugar in dish and add cinnamon and stir well.

5. Remove plate of apples from microwave oven. Spoon 1 tablespoon of the chopped nuts and 1 tablespoon of the brown sugar mixture into cavity of each apple. Use fingers or spoon handle to pack sugar mixture in. Place a piece of butter on top of the sugar in each apple.

6. Return plate of apples to microwave and cook uncovered until apples are tender when pierced with sharp knife, 6-8 minutes.

7. Use large spoon to place each apple in dessert bowl. Spoon sugar syrup and nuts from baking dish over the apple. Allow to cool for 10-20 minutes before serving. Serve warm--yum!


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