Tattoos, Pneumonia, and Other "That Family" Moments

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by Jen · 2 comments

Congratulations to Kristen at We are THAT Family on her 2nd Blogoversary! To help her celebrate, I am participating in her carnival and sharing some of our "THAT family" moments:

--I knew we were "THAT family" when I was talking on the phone with a friend, and I learned that, after a recent playdate at our house, her daughter came home with two or three lovely tattoos on her face. I knew that the girls were doing play makeup in the bathroom. . . but this was news to me. I think I was taking care of some very important matters (i.e. blogging or emails).

--Remember when you made me go sledding with Pneumonia? We knew we were "THAT family" when we were staying with my in-laws and took our 4 year old daughter sledding down "Charlie's Hill." She had been sick with a temp earlier in the week, but we thought it had passed--only tummy aches at night. So when we had returned home in the evening (after 2 nights away), our daughter still had the stomach pain, and the pediatrician was closed. So we headed to the emergency room at Children's Hospital, where my daughter described her pain as an 8 (on a scale of 1-10). I saw the cloudy lung x-ray and was shocked to learn that my dd had pneumonia! Now that she's 7, she doesn't let us forget it--remember when Mom . . .

--I knew we were "THAT family" when I take clothes out of the dirty clothes basket for my daughter to wear to school.

--I knew we were "THAT family" when on a sub zero day, we are on are way out of Target, and my kid is walking to the car with out a coat or socks. I figure why fight the battle. He'll just get cold and decide to wear clothes.

--I knew we were "THAT family" when we had to tear the car apart to find the rotting piece of food that was making our car smell like road kill. "Are you sure there isn't a mouse rotting in a vent somewhere?" Once it was a gross rotten, rotten apple. A few month later it was the entire bottle of water that spilled and got moldy under the floor mat. And once a not so pretty barely eaten bologna sandwich (my son refused to eat it with mayo and found a nice hiding spot for it).

--I used to make sure my son wore presentable clothing, especially when going to the doctor's office. But I knew we were "THAT family" when we went to the pediatrician and the doctor was the first one to notice that my son's underwear were on backwards. I'm sure he has worn them to preschool this way as well. Now that he's five, he's doing his own wiping, and I don't check him at all any more, but every once in a while I get a whiff of him. See, we really are "THAT family."

If you have some of your own "THAT family moments, join in the fun, share your stores, and perhaps win a prize or two. Thanks for reading.


2 comments to "Tattoos, Pneumonia, and Other "That Family" Moments"
  1. Yep, you qualify!! Hilarious!
    Thanks for playing along!

  2. Love this!! Thanks for sharing! The whole car/smell incident had me cracking up - we've been in the same situation, but it was a DIAPER in the back. ICKKKKKKKKKK! LOL!

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