My Grocery "Cents" This Week--Making a $42 Budget Work

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by Jen · 5 comments
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So you all know that I'm trying to make a very limited grocery budget work for our family. And I did great last week! I stuck to about $70, and I never even made it to Target. So I actually had about $70 to work with this week for both groceries and household stuff. . . that is until we made the "this is too cheap even for us" mistake!

So when all was said and done, I had $42 to spend this week on groceries and household. I was determined to make this happen, and I'm pretty proud of how I did! The strategy I used was to shop at more than one store--for the best deals only. My total OOP was $47.29 -- only $5.29 over budget, and I think I have the food I need to feed my family. Not bad if you ask me. Read Entire Post for the details.

Here's how I shopped. I did most of this shopping on one day but I had to make one more trip to Rainbow to make it all work.

1. Rainbow -- I shopped on Wed so I could double 5 of my $1 coupons. I got 4 yogurts free, a 12 pk toilet paper for $4, bone in chicken breast and fryer pieces for about $5 (will use to make broth and some pasta dishes), bag of potatoes for $1, split top wheat for $.78 (not whole grain I know, but couldn't turn down the price), 1 milk, 1 egg, leaf lettuce, and one bag Halloween candy. Total OOP: $17.94 (saved $25.46 with coupons/in store specials)

2. Cub -- I bought 4 Kraft Mac N Cheese for $1 (I will hide mashed squash in these), bag of potatoes for $1 (I'm planing to making potato soup with all the potatoes and broth), and syrup. Total OOP: $4.

3. Target -- 85% ground beef was on sale for $1.99 a lb. Since we were out and the price was great, I decided to buy 4. Since milk and eggs were NOT on sale this week, I found the best prices here and bought 1 milk and 1 egg, and string cheese for $3. Total OOP:$14.34

(Note: I have been using a Target gift card to buy diapers each week, so this expense doesn't come out of my budget right now. I should make it until the end of December--then I will have to adjust budget.)

4. Rainbow -- So I returned Thursday for some of their 3 day specials and bought 2 8 oz block cheeses $2, 1 Jack's pizza ($2), bananas $.89, ice cream $1.89 (for apple crisp), and 2 bags chocolate chips $4 (cheaper at Target, but forgot to buy them). Total OOP $11.01

So total OOP was $47.29. I found some loose change to cover some of this, so I'm really only in the whole about $3. That's success for me. You will notice that I didn't shop for much produce this week because I have enough left over from last week. Once payday comes next week, I will be hitting the stores for fresh fruits and veggies.

Thanks for reading my Grocery "Cents" in the Twin Cities this week! I love to talk shopping on a budget. How's it going for you?


5 comments to "My Grocery "Cents" This Week--Making a $42 Budget Work"
  1. Way to go! My budget is $50 per week. I spent about $56 this week. But, we have started the envelope system (well sort of). We are taking out gas and grocery money and only spending that (no debit card). I still have Halloween candy to buy. But since we have 2 trick-or-treaters every year, I won't spend much.

  2. Awesome!! We'll probably have similar shopping trips each week since we're both in the cities. :)

  3. Sounds good! I only have $30/week for groceries but it worked well and I'm attempting again this month :) It's so nice to read these posts!

  4. Sounds like you did great. My "post baby" budget is $100 for the month, but I am trying to work it back down to the "pre-baby" $85 for both grocery and health/beauty items. Just keep at it. As your stockpile grows it will be easier to stay within your budget and even lower it.It's nice to find a blog for the cities.

  5. Creative Coupons,
    Thanks for the comment! Stockpiling! That's the one thing I find challenging on a budget. I find it hard to stockpile when I need to spend my money on the food (meat, dairy, produce) I need to feed my family. I guess if you plan it right, you can get a lot for free or close to it--I have had success there before, but takes planning too. Just find it hard on the limited budget. Thanks for the comment!

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