My Grocery "Cents" in the Cities This Week

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by Jen · 1 comments
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As I mentioned, I'm trying really hard to stay within my $60 grocery budget and $20 household budget. Here's what I did:

1. Aldi -- I chose to go to Aldi this week because I really didn't see tons of deals at the other stores I shop at. I needed to buy quite a bit of produce, and they had the best prices of the week. I got 3 bags of apples for $1.19 each, so I have a lot of apple dishes in my menu. I spent $54.64 total, and I feel like I got lots of food at great prices.

2. Rainbow --I scrambled to put together an order to take advantage of double coupon day at Rainbow. And as you can see from what I spent at Aldi, I had a little over $5 to stay within my $60 grocery budget. Thankfully, I don't need to buy many household items this week, so I am using that budget to help me finish my grocery shopping. And I did awesome at Rainbow:

The best deal there was buying the B1G1 Yoplait yogurts. Here's how it worked: I bought 2 for the B1 price of $2.59, and was able to double coupons to get $4 off my order. One word--overage! And I bought 4 yogurts total. So pretty much I got the yogurt free with $2.82 to apply to my other purchases. So I bought yogurts, 2 milks, 2 bread, 2 16oz cheeses, and my total out of pocket was $13.58. This was great shopping for me.

I also met and had a nice conversation with Beth who runs The Grocery Tutor. It's always nice to talk coupons and make that Minnesota connection.

3. Target -- I plan to use my remaining $11 to buy a few household items including the razor deal here this week.

What I learned this week:

Aldi -- Because everything is so inexpensive at Aldi, I'm pretty willing to throw things in my cart at random, but this adds up way too fast! If I'm going to stick to my budget, I need to make a shopping list that I stick to!

Rainbow -- I need to pay closer attention to the coupons out there that can help me build my order to $25 but that can reduce my OOP. I need to do a better job of scanning the Sunday supplements when they arrive to pull out the coupons for free or close to free stuff. Carrie's picks at Pocket Your Dollars is one resource that can help me identify what q's to pull.

It does feel good to get a few deals, to have control over my budget, and to have food to feed my family this week. That's my Cents in the Cities grocery summary for the week.


1 comments to "My Grocery "Cents" in the Cities This Week"
  1. I read on Beth's site last night that she met you which is what brought me to your blog. :) Now I'm exited to read "The Total Money Makeover" and I'm totally in awe that you can stick to $60/wk grocery budget. We are a family of 5 and my budget is $100/wk and I can rarely stick to it. but I'm working on it. I love Aldi too, but find it's so hard with 3 kids 4 and under to get to 2-3 stores a week and if i go when hubby is home I miss out on a lot of family time. Ugh...

    Off to leave my 2 cents on your bread question. LOL

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