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So forever ago, I decided to start Jen's list, but never really got going with it. I think it's a great idea, and anyway, it will help me keep track of all of the interesting things I find out in bloggy land--"where did I hear about that again?" Let me check my list!

I already make my own chicken broth, but Kitchen Stewardship has tons of helpful hints that I want to apply to my own process.

How to Cut Boys Hair part one and two (Heavenly Homemaker) -- if you could see my little guys hair right now, you would know that I SOOOOOOO need this post!

I'm so excited to make my own baby wrap. The YouTube video was so helpful. (Thanks BabyGoodBuys) (So after I sat on this a few days, I realize that I am not going to tackle this one--still think it's a great idea).

Natural Kitchen Cleaners -- I never thought about using hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner--I might try it. (Kitchen Stewardship)

The Ultimate Spice Cupboard -- I love the Mason jar idea! (Beautiful Calling)

I want to try making a basket of herbs like this! Looks perfect for the winter. (Musings on the Simple Life)

My Husband would LOVE this Cheeseburger Soup (Will Travel by Foot)

The only time I ever get a chance to talk on the phone is when I'm in the car alone with the baby. I don't text, but this post is making me think about changing me ways--
Never Drive While InTexticated (Live Laugh Love and Blogging)


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