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Thursday, October 15, 2009 by Jen · 2 comments
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I love reading lots of blogs on living life, saving money, and shopping deals. The problem is my Goggle Reader gets bogged down with tons of posts--especially when I hadn't been reading for a few days. At times I would have over 600 posts, and I would end up deleting them all because there was no way to read them all!

So every once in a while I would clean house and simplify. I would go through and delete the blogs I wasn't reading. I would also delete many of the"shopping deals" blogs because there were often duplicate deals and store sales I didn't care about. Here's a screen shot of what my Reader would typically look like. I would have to scroll through tons of text in order to read my blogs. When my reader was especially full, I would just click on the blogs I really liked from my folders and read those posts, and I would delete the other 500 posts. This picture below shows the expanded view. . . until I finally got with the program. . .

All I had to do was change the view from Expanded to LIST and I was able to only see the blog titles. This has totally changed how I read blogs. NOW, I can just scroll through the title list and read the ones I am interested in. I add new blogs all of the time, and when I am done reading the posts that interest me, I hit "mark all as read" and it cleans everything up. An easy way to manage tons and tons of posts and not miss the good deals.

Perhaps you knew about this feature. I'm just catching up. Thanks for reading!


2 comments to "Blog Reading Simplified"
  1. I think perhaps I will try this too! I love to read blogs as well. As a stay-at-home mommy, this online community is my 'connection' and I love the encouragement and friendships that it brings. My reader does get overwhelmed easily though :)

  2. I have been trying it that way for a few days and it saves a ton of time. Thank you so much.

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