25 Things I Love about Minnesota #16-20

Friday, October 23, 2009 by Jen · 2 comments
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20. Harvest time. I love driving down country roads or H14 and seeing the farmers in the fields. And driving along and slowing down for all of the tractors or combines (is that how you spell combine?) or whatever they are called these days reminds me that I am in Minnesota -- farm country.

19. Small Town/Church Cookbooks. Looking for 8 ways to make Apple Crisp? Just get out the hometown cookbooks and you're bound to find a recipe that will work for you. It's home cooking at it's best--from the best home cooks. As a gift, my Mom gave me her church's cookbook where she shared all of our family favorite recipes! These too make great gifts!

18. Minnesota authors -- I love reading books where the setting is near and dear to my heart--I love feeling the connection to the location. Some of my favorites are Jon Hassler, Laura Ingalls Wilder (we Minnesotans know that she only lived a few years here, but I still count her), Maud Hart Lovelace (Betsy/Tacy books), Wanda Gag (Millions of Cats), Garrison Keillor. This summer, I also enjoyed a YA book called The Mystery of the Third Lucretia, by Susan Runholt--great details about Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. I'm sure I'm forgetting tons--please share your favorites.

17. The Cold -- we are a hearty bunch! We can handle it!

16. Pick Your Own Apple Orchards. The cold cut the season short this year, but a few weeks ago, we were able to pick some apples. There are fancy dancy orchards with music and treats, but we prefer the down-home ones where you can pet a goat or horse, taste a few samples, and then walk or take a tractor ride out to the apples to pick, pick, pick to our hearts content. Our favorite apple varieties this year were Sweet 16 and Honey Gold, not to be confused with Honey Crisp--deliciously sweet apples create at the U of MN. I've been cooking with apples--will post some picts and recipes this upcoming week.

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  1. Well... it's not fiction... it's a memoir - but my husband, Aaron Brown wrote a book called "Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range." I think it's a great read... and I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm married to him! :-) He's working on a piece of fiction now, too... so maybe someday he'll be on that great list you shared!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I've reserved Overburden at my library--can't wait to read it!

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