25 Things I Love about Minnesota -- #11-15

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(My husband and I vacationing on the North Superior Shoreline)

So I really am sorry (kind of) if you read Cents in the Cities and you don't really care about Minnesota. Now that I am not a "deal finding blog" (not that I ever was except in my mind) I feel so free to write about whatever I want! And this is one of those things! One post a week. . . for a few weeks! Hope you can bear with me! It makes me feel good!

15. The best blue skies and sunshine on the coldest days of the year! We lived in another snowy state for a while that had a lot of "lake effect" snow, and the skies were always dark and dreary! I love the beauty of a cold, cold day! If it has to be cold, at least it's sunny!

14. Blossoming Crab Apple Trees -- You know that spring is finally here when the trees are blooming. They're everywhere in my neighborhood, and I love driving or walking through. The fragrance in the air is so refreshing! And they are beautiful at the MN Landscape Arboretum if you catch them at their peak!

13. Minnesota Sports -- So I admit I am a fair weather fan, but I come from a family of die-hard Twins and Vikings fans, so it's fun to cheer them on, even if it's only once in a while. My middle guy is just starting to get the idea of routing for our teams, and he looks so cute in his Twins cap and shirt! I think Vikings gear will be under the Christmas tree this year.

12. Great Shopping Malls -- So, OK, I'm not really a big "mall" shopper. I just don't shop the mall very often--perhaps it's too tempting. But I love that I have so many really great malls around me (at least 4 really good ones)--probably within a 5 mile radius. Most of you know that the Twin Cities is home to the Mall of America, and, honestly, I hardly ever go there because there are so many other great malls that are closer and easier to access. So even though I don't mall shop a lot, I'm glad to have the option--lots of them!

11. The North Superior Shore Line -- Growing up in Southern MN, we never went north of Duluth--I think it was too far. So a few years ago, we packed up the kids and took a 4 day vacation to the North Shore--and I was memorized! We loved the beautiful views as we drove and all of the beautiful waterfalls that were within perfect walking distance for little legs (my kids were 3 and 5 at the time). We loved it so much that summer, my husband and I returned in October for a Bed and Breakfast stay--it was great to see how all of the water falls changed with the seasons! And the golden fall leaves of the birch trees were breathtaking! We have yet to canoe the Boundary Waters (and we call ourselves Minnesotans?)--maybe when my kids are older and we are more in shape. I just can't help it--I have to share a few picts from our visit:

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  1. I am not a fair weather fan; however, I do love Minnesota and I'm enjoying your posts on it! :) You just cannot beat the beauty found in this state. Both of the landscape, and the people!

    The snow and cold I could do without. LOL!

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